Roboti-cARe 2016 Robotic Cares in Arezzo – Multispeciality Live surgery event

Ospedale San Donato, Arezzo - 12-15 Aprile 2016

April 12th-15th 2016
Arezzo-San Donato Hospital
Patrizio Caldora, Graziano Ceccarelli,
Pier Guido Ciabatti, L. Ciampalini,
Michele De Angelis, Franco Lelli

We are proud to invite you to our First Multidisciplinary live surgery event: Roboti-cARe.
The Meeting will take place in Arezzo from 12th till 15th April 2016.
The congress will consist of four days and is oriented towards: Surgeons, Gynecologist, Orthopedic, Otolaryngologist, Urologist, Oncologist, Practitioner and Nurses.
For the newest tecnology the multidisciplinary approach makes possible to amplify the potential, optimize utilization and recover their costs.
In addition, the continuous comparison between the figures involved, allows to obtain a growth in the technical skills much higher than that normally it reaches updating Monodisciplinary.
From this idea Roboti-cAre born!
Every day there will be two operating rooms that will transmit live operations in to the congress venue and these live surgeries, running in parallel in O.R., will be alternated by update lectures and round-table discussions.
European and International experts will present the latest updates in the field of robotic assisted surgery, they will demonstrate the newest techniques and will be happy to share their personal experiences.
The congress is therefore the perfect educational experience for both basic and advanced surgeons.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in Arezzo!

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