The Meniscus, preserve the Future! 2016

Porto Palacio Congress, Porto, Portugal

Dear Colleague,

It is a real pleasure for us to inform you the Congress « The Meniscus. Preserve the future » will be held in the Porto Palacio Hotel – Porto – Portugal on February 4th, 5th and 6th 2016.
This event will follow upon the two first Gent  2010 and Versailles 2013 meetings. These last editions met a striking success (more than 400 delegates) and encouraged the chairmen  to organise a third session, this time in Porto.
The meeting will appeal to be an international faculty making English the official language.

The scientific topics will be of course mainly dedicated to the Meniscus :
– Meniscus in the daily practice (meniscectomy, meniscal repair, degenerative meniscal lesions, meniscus and ACL tear, post menisectomy syndrome)
– New trends : anatomy, posterior menisco synovial tears, root tears
– Future trends : meniscal transplant, meniscal scaffolds…

But there will be also a complete afternoon devoted to cartilage since meniscus pathology and cartilage pathology are very often so close (early osteoarthritis, treatment of focal cartilaginous lesions, osteochondritis…)
The first two days (Thursday 4th and Friday 5th) will contain Lectures, Round Tables, Meet the experts, and Interactives sessions… There will be no call for abstract.
Saturday, February 6th morning, will be devoted on one hand to a relive anatomy and surgery session (open meniscal repair, root tear repair, posterior menisco synovial repair, meniscal scaffold, meniscal transplants,…) and on the other hand to a basic science session.

We look forward to welcoming you in Porto !

Best regards

The Organizing Committee

Joao Espregueira Mendes
Philippe Beaufils
Rene Verdonk
Nicolas Pujol
Helder Pereira
Philippe Boisrenoult
Miguel Oliveira
Peter Verdonk

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