ICRS 2016, 13th World Congress

Sorrento, 24-27 Settembre 2016

The International Cartilage Repair Society – ICRS, invites all interested persons (scientists, clinicians, physiotherapist, students, industry representatives, etc to join us in Sorrento Italy on September 24-27, 2016. The scientific program reflects the dynamic nature of cartilage injury and repair, the growing importance of the ICRS as a preeminent organization and the tremendous efforts of its members in both basic scientific and clinical endeavors. The program builds on the overwhelming popularity and success of previous ICRS meetings and reflects our desire for scientists and clinicians to collaborate and share ideas. The program includes updates on current clinical strategies for repair of hyaline and meniscal cartilage, as well as emerging trends and controversies such as the use of stems cells, growth factors and gene therapy. Sessions on the osteochondral unit, synovial joint pathophysiology and osteoarthritis reflect the growing recognition of the role of subchondral bone behavior and the synovial joint as an organ. Cartilage repair in specific anatomic situations such as the patellofemoral joint, ankle, hip and upper extremity will be addressed. Practical “how to” sessions will cover fundamentals of basic research including study design and peer reviewed publication as well as advice on patient evaluation and surgical technique from leading experts. We will also feature the popular “mini battlefield” format where controversial questions will be passionately debated. We are confident this congress will allow everyone to enjoy a programme that truly reflects the “state of the art” in science and clinical practice cartilage repair. Online Registration will be open as from mid February. The Preliminary Programme will be published end of January.

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